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Talent Search

As agri industry is growing at more than double digit rate, The professional approach in talent hiring is all time high.

Good job consultants offers diverse talent pool to the organization which helps in sustainable growth of the companies along with better work culture.

We are proud of the fact that ABCDASIA is one of such service provider which aims to bring diversity in our agri industry and right of equal opportunities.

Digital Marketing

In a fiercely competitive job consultancy market, ABCDASIA & ASSOCIATES has risen above the rest, thanks to the strategic prowess of its digital marketing team. With precision and innovation, they’ve carved out a distinct niche in an otherwise commoditized landscape.
Through targeted campaigns and engaging content, ABCDASIA & ASSOCIATES has not just captured attention but earned trust. Their success story stands as a testament to the transformative power of digital marketing when wielded with expertise.
In an era where visibility is key, ABCDASIA & ASSOCIATES shines brightly, guiding both clients and candidates towards fulfilling partnerships.

Safety Training and Kit Supply

ABCD Asia is pioneering safety in agriculture, founded by experienced industry professionals who’ve witnessed unsafe practices firsthand. We’re dedicated to providing accessible solutions for farmers, retailers, and employees to prioritize safety when handling agrochemicals.
Our focused training programs equip stakeholders with essential knowledge and practical skills to mitigate risks effectively. From proper handling techniques to spill containment strategies, we instill a culture of responsibility.

Irrigation Industry

Transforming landscapes and nurturing growth, ABCD Asia leads the way in the irrigation industry. With innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, we redefine irrigation practices, ensuring optimal efficiency and sustainability. From precision irrigation systems to smart water management solutions, we cater to diverse agricultural and landscaping needs. Our expertise extends beyond installation to comprehensive support and maintenance, empowering clients to cultivate thriving environments. At ABCD Asia, we don’t just provide irrigation solutions; we cultivate partnerships for a greener, more prosperous tomorrow. Join us in shaping the future of irrigation, one drop at a time.

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